Woods and Finishes from Montalco

Montalco offers a comprehensive selection of woods and finishes, beyond the scope of this website, including the budget-conscious Elite, MDF, Thermofoil and laminate lines. Here are some ideas to get you started. Please give us a call, to narrow down your choices, get detailed information, or discuss your wish list.

Wood Species


A premium hardwood known for its rich, beautiful color, which ranges from a reddish-brown to a white yellow, with no two pieces alike.


A premium hardwood, known for its creamy white color, smooth texture and uniform grain. It absorbs stains differently, mottling with darker stains.


A smooth hardwood with straight grain patterns and coloring similar to Cherry, ranging from a light honey color to a reddish-brown hue.

Knotty (Rustic Alder)

With the same characteristics as Alder, the addition of knots provides a rustic, informal appearance.


A hardwood known for its prominent grain pattern and texture which will vary from a tight, straight grain to a distinctive arched pattern. Color can range from light- to medium-brown, with red hues.


Known for its prominent grain and characteristically random dramatic color variations, which can change from creamy white to dark brown within the same panel.

Exotic Veneers

In addition to our standard wood species we offer exotic veneers in Wenge, Walnut and Oak.


Montalco offers the following standard finishes and we go the extra mile and finish each piece by hand.


Painted finishes are available on MDF, Maple, and Alder, and have several natural characteristics.


Antiquing is applied to Painted MDF, Maple, and Alder doors, and is wire brushed to provide an old world look. Montalco has antiquing colors in Medium Brown, Deep Brown, Old Rust and Pewter.


Chalking, or highlighting, can be applied to the profiles of all stained, wooden doors. Available Chalking Colours are: Pewter, Chocolate Brown, Black, White and Deep Brown. (The last three can be applied to stained doors only).


Glazing can be applied to entire stained, or painted, doors and finished parts. Montalco offers a number of glazing colors – some that can only be applied to stained doors, some only to painted doors, and some to both.


Montalco offers two forms of Distressing, on solid wood, raised-panel doors.


Standard distressing consists of a series of dings, or small gouges, that are randomly applied to mirror the look of well-worn cabinetry.


Southwest Distressing consists of:
Carved edges
Worn edges

Sand Thru

Sand Thru is available on stained and painted doors, and entails hand sanding the profiles of the door.

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